18 Oct

5 Minute Elevated Self-Care Exercises, Plus An Invitation



This Friday, October 21st, I am so excited to invite you to join me for a free talk and wellness event happening at Tancredi & Morgen of Carmel Valley, CA to celebrate the release of my e-book, “A Guided Journal For Your Day.” There will be wine tasting from Boëté Winery, a DIY sugar scrub and herbal facial steam demonstration by Hanni Lilliedahl of Lilify,  artisanal treats, and the opportunity to gather with our lovely community. I so hope you will join us! ( Click here for more details)

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04 Oct

New Year’s Resolution Cookie: Fall Edition

Some new years start in the fall. New school years. Jewish new years. There is a new beginning marked with the fall equinox. A time to slow down, regroup, and  to celebrate the marking of the new. So to celebrate, in the coziest, cookiest way possible, I wanted to create for you a fall version of my favorite cookie: The New Years Resolution Cookie .

FullSizeRender (6)


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22 Sep

It’s Here! “A Guided Journal For Your Day” E-Book

I am so excited to be releasing my first e-book today! ( And also, happy first day of fall ) This guided journal came to me as an idea because as I was trying to create more space in my life to listen to my intuition and inner wisdom amidst the everyday hustle bustle. I wanted more time to connect with my authentic beliefs and time to visualize my dreams and what exactly I wanted for my life. I needed quiet and I needed the space to connect. 



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13 Sep

How to Enjoy Fall More



I wanted to give you some ideas to ease yourself into the fall months; to feel your best so you can revel in and experience the beauty and comfort that is this beautiful time of year. I used to look forward to the idea of fall so much, but in my teens and early twenties, my lack of self care for my mind + body left me unable to truly embrace the season. I enjoyed the possibility of relishing cider, spending cozy times with friends + family, baking with pumpkin spice, and soaking into the feeling of warm blankets with a good book and a roaring fire; but my lifestyle choices made it impossible for me to experience the reality of these wants coming into fruition. My hope for you is that you chose to carve out the space for your personal well-being as we make a transition into this autumn season so that you are able to love your experience in it. Not just the idea of fall, but the actual presence and reality in the midst of all of what you want to experience. And if you want to have great experiences, it all starts first with feeling great in your body. Here are my best suggestions to embrace the shift this fall:  Read More

31 Aug

On Blood Sugar + Feeling Good in Your Body.

Blood sugar is a huge topic in our society today, and it isn’t an issue that is only reserved for people dealing with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Many people have blood sugar imbalances, and it may be a surprise that blood sugar imbalance may or may not show up when measuring blood sugar via blood tests. Imbalanced blood sugar starts much before the typical ordered tests signal there is a problem. Many people experience imbalanced blood sugar (glucose levels that are too high, then too low, and struggle to maintain healthy blood sugar levels without producing too much insulin), and it shows up as excess weight around their gut, mood swings, foggy thinking, difficulty focusing, low energy, and much more. Having imbalanced blood sugar can get in the way of you leading a happy, balanced, and healthy life, attaining the goals you want to reach, feeling good in your body, and losing excess weight that seems impossible to drop. Could you be someone who is dealing with this problem that many Americans and people in the modern world are struggling with?


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02 Aug

Summer Inspiration

Here are some things that have been inspiring me lately. My wish is they stir something in you as well.  I hope you all are well, enjoying summer, having fun, looking for the small beauties, doing what makes you happy, and spending time with the people you love.

Michelle Magadalena

Michelle Magadalena


Wishing you beautiful summer days. What is finding you inspired and happy this season?

19 Jul

How Grief Taught Me Self-Love

Today I’m over at maddymoon.com talking about how my grief actually helped me have a better relationship with myself. It is a raw, vulnerable, and authentic piece that came straight from my heart. No filter, just me. 


I am grateful to be sharing my message with Maddy Moon and her community. Maddy is a lovely woman who is on a mission to help others attain a positive body image and gain freedom from the constraints many of us allow food to have over our lives. I love listening to Maddy’s passion on her podcast around the topic, as feeling free in your body and around your food is something that resonates with me on a deep level.

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28 Jun

How to Do Everything Better.

There was one point in my life when ‘more’ mattered. I wanted more money, more experiences checked off a my list, more projects in the works, more outfits in my closet…. more, more, and more of more. I thought that more was better. In my youth, I struggled with food and believed more junk and the more fresh baked cookies I could shove in my mouth meant the more comforted I would feel. In my teens, I turned to material goods and thought more expensive handbags  would result in a heightened experience and a cooler, more evolved self. In my college years, I thought more partying, more distraction, and the more pounds I could drop, would equate with more happiness. And recently in my twenties, I thought the more I could accomplish in my day to day, the more fulfilled and powerful I would find myself. I thought that if I could accomplish more that I could on some level be able to value myself more. I have always thought more was the way. Holy shit…. was I wrong.


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14 Jun

On Self-Care & A DIY Face Mask

“I used to spend so much time reacting and responding to everyone else that my life had no direction. Other people’s lives, problems, and wants set the course for my life. Once I realized it was okay for me to think about and identify what I wanted, remarkable things began to take place in my life.”  -Sye Wells

My days are normally pretty full. I have 3 kids, one who is 10 months and two who live with us half-time, a business that I love and am continually trying to grow, a home to manage, amazing friendships to foster, a husband to support and love… oh yeah and then there’s me.

I find it generally pretty easy as a woman to take care of people around me. It comes with a certain ease and fulfillment and that innate sense to care for others is  wonderful. It is part of who I am as a sensitive, loving woman. I feel grateful to have been blessed with all I have… my children, my husband, a beautiful home, and career doing what fuels me. But in all of my going and doing and accomplishing, sometimes I admit that taking care of myself is not as easy as taking care of everyone and everything around me. In the midst of all I have “to do”, I find myself going and going and running around at what feels like 90 mph. I am busy! I have a lot to do! I find myself getting irritated with husband at times when he doesn’t do this or that and I am, in turn, whirling around our house in a wild frenzy.

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